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A/Prof Michael Slancar


A/Prof Michael Slancar


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39 White Street, Southport QLD 4215

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A/Prof Michael Slancar is an esteemed medical oncologist with a vast experience in the field. He practices at the renowned Icon Cancer Centre Southport, located in Southport, Queensland, Australia. With particular expertise in solid tumour malignancies, A/Prof Slancar's special interests include breast cancer, gynaecological malignancies, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphomas.

A/Prof Slancar began his specialist medical oncology training in Europe, working under the esteemed European School of Oncology. He later completed his training in Sydney, Australia. Prior to his move to Queensland in 1998, he served as a medical oncologist at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. In Southport, he established Gold Coast Oncology, a comprehensive cancer care practice. Additionally, A/Prof Slancar founded Gold Coast Oncology Research Pty Ltd, a private organization specialising in international clinical trials.

In 2008, A/Prof Slancar transitioned his established practice and research center to HOCA (Hope Oncology Care Australia) and played a pivotal role in the establishment of HOCA Gold Coast at Southport, which is now known as Icon Cancer Centre Southport. This facility is the first truly comprehensive cancer center in the region, offering a range of services and cutting-edge treatments.

Patients at Icon Cancer Centre Southport can expect comprehensive management of any malignancy, regardless of the stage of the disease. With a patient-centered approach, A/Prof Slancar provides expert care from the initial diagnosis through to palliative care, ensuring optimal support throughout the entire treatment journey.

Recognized internationally as a principal investigator, A/Prof Slancar has a keen interest in clinical trials. He actively participates in numerous international studies focusing on the treatment of solid tumors. Through these clinical trials, he has access to the latest advancements in cancer treatments and can offer his patients innovative therapeutic options.

A/Prof Slancar is dedicated to personalized medicine and collaborates with several international groups focusing on individualized care for cancer patients. By leveraging precise tumor profiling, he aims to provide the best possible care tailored to each patient's unique circumstances.

Apart from his professional commitments, A/Prof Slancar is fluent in Czech, German, and Slovak, allowing him to effectively communicate with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. His commitment to patient care and research has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers in the medical community.

A/Prof Michael Slancar is a distinguished medical oncologist, renowned for his expertise in solid tumour malignancies and commitment to personalized medicine. Patients can trust in his extensive clinical experience and access to the latest advancements in cancer treatments.

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39 White Street, Southport QLD 4215

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