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Zable helps you bring in more new patients – while saving your practice valuable time.

Zable Marketplace™

Zable Marketplace™

List your profile and clinical expertise on Zable’s marketplace to gain exposure to a network of patients and GPs actively seeking your specialised care.

Practice Solutions™

Practice Solutions™

Zable's patient matching system ensures connections with qualified private patients, minimising inbound calls and enhancing practice efficiency.

Select your Zable plan

Our transparent plans incorporate two core provider products: Practice Solutions & Zable's Marketplace.


Best for providers looking to maximise their reach and impact.

Includes all the benefits of the Professional plan

The Enhanced plan offers top-of-the-results visibility, ensuring your profile is the first seen by potential GPs and patients, significantly increasing patient referrals by 6x.


Plus $10 processing fee per patient referral



Ideal for growing providers seeking more visibility and efficiency.

Higher Visibility: Superior positioning in Marketplace than the Free plan.

Increase Patient Bookings: Attract 3.7x more patients than free.

Practice Solutions: Includes secure referral letter transmitting and follow-up services.


Plus $10 processing fee per patient referral


Access essential features at no cost.

This plan offers basic visibility on Zable’s marketplace, allowing providers to gain initial exposure at no cost.


Compare plans & features

See the benefits you get in each plan, and choose the one that fits your practice best

Practice Solutions




Digitally triaged patients

Minimise inbound calls and enhance practice efficiency with Zable's patient matching system that ensures connections with qualified private patients.

Referral letter upload

Ease your administrative workload. Securely receive referral letters directly into your inbox or by fax, saving time.

Patient Reminders & follow-ups

Boost efficiency and patient satisfaction with proactive recalls to reduce no-shows and optimise your schedule.

Zable Marketplace




Listed on Marketplace

Display your profile and clinical expertise on Zable’s marketplace to gain exposure to a network of patients and GPs actively seeking your specialised care.

Position in the search results

Elevate your visibility with prime positioning in search results, attracting more GPs and patients.

Highest position

Above free

More new private patients

Depending on the plan you choose, Zable can significantly boost the growth of your private practice.


More than free


More than free

SEO profile

Take control of your online presence with a free SEO profile, ensuring 24/7 visibility to potential patients.

Pricing Structure




Joining fee

* fee waived until July 31, 2024



Patient processing fee

* one-off payment per appointment request (private patients only). Includes referral letter



Monthly subscription

* minimum 6 month subscription

$250 per month

Choose your Zable plan

FAQs about our plans & fees

We’ve built an ecosystem that understands your world, so you can focus on what’s really important: your patients.

What happens if there is a no-show? Do I still pay the $10 processing fee?

Yes, that is correct. However, with our digital triage system, we qualify patients and significantly reduce no-show rates. Please note that we only charge the processing fee if the patient is privately insured, and we provide you with the patient's valid referral letter.

Can you give me an example of a cost scenario for a month?

We'll go one step further and provide you with two examples to ensure clarity:

Scenario 1: Professional Plan


  • 11 private patient appointments


  • Processing Fee: 11 appointments × $10 = $110
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $0

Total invoice for the month: $110

Scenario 2: Enhanced Plan


  • 19 private patient appointments


  • Processing Fee: 19 appointments × $10 = $190
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $250

Total invoice for the month: $440

How quickly will my profile be updated if I want to switch from the Free plan to the Professional or Enhanced plan?

Once you upgrade to your plan, your profile will be updated immediately to reflect prime positioning in search results. Please allow up to 24 hours for all plan features to take full effect.

Can I update my profile to highlight my specific services?

Yes! With any plan, you have complete control over your profile, allowing you to highlight specific services, specialties, and sub-specialties. By registering with Zable and updating your profile comprehensively, we can help connect you with more private patients who are actively seeking specialised care.

How does Zable qualify patients for my practice?

We use a digital triage system that matches your practice with the most suitable patients based on your clinical expertise and their specific health needs. This ensures that only qualified patients are connected to your practice, improving appointment show rates and reducing cancellations.

Partnership in care

A Partnership in Care

At Zable Health, we understand that our role as a conduit between patient care and provider services comes with a significant responsibility—one that we embrace wholeheartedly. We care deeply about the professionals who make healthcare possible. Our platform is designed not only to help patients find the care they need but also to support healthcare providers in reaching the patients they are passionate about serving.

By simplifying the referral pathway, we enable providers to focus on what they do best: caring for their patients. This symbiotic relationship ensures that doctors can be doctors, and patients can be patients, fostering a community where healthcare thrives on both ends of the spectrum.

Together, let's redefine what it means to care.

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