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Dr Shahram Safa

Dr Shahram Safa


(07) 3801 2220

66 Bryants Road, Loganholme QLD 4129

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Dr Shahram Safa's profile

Dr Shahram Safa is a highly skilled and experienced Gastroenterologist based in Loganholme, 4129, Logan, Queensland, Australia. With a primary focus on gastrointestinal health, Dr Safa has dedicated his career to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders affecting the digestive system.

Fluent in English and Farsi, Dr Safa is able to communicate effectively in multiple languages, ensuring that he can cater to a diverse patient population. His ability to bridge language barriers enables him to provide exceptional care to individuals from various cultural backgrounds.

As a Gastroenterologist, Dr Safa has extensive expertise in the field, including the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He also specialises in performing colonoscopies and endoscopies, essential procedures for the evaluation and management of gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr Safa's special interests lie in the field of endoscopic removal of large colon polyps, employing the innovative endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) technique. This procedure offers a minimally invasive alternative to surgical intervention, allowing for the successful removal of polyps without the need for major surgery.

Dedicated to staying at the forefront of medical advancements, Dr Safa continually engages in professional development activities to ensure he provides the highest standard of care to his patients. He remains up-to-date with the latest research and techniques, constantly refining his skills and knowledge in the field of Gastroenterology.

Dr Shahram Safa has a proven track record of excellence in providing compassionate and thorough medical care. With a commitment to patient wellbeing and a dedication to gastrointestinal health, Dr Safa is a trusted Gastroenterologist in Loganholme, Queensland, Australia.

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66 Bryants Road, Loganholme QLD 4129

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