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The 3rd largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs, had a population of more than 26,534. The city has a subtropical desert climate and remains hot, with short and dry summers and winters that are mild and comfortable. Alice Springs is home to many communities, and people from different foreign cultures reside here in great harmony. There are Indian ethnic groups, Thai, Sudanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese people living in Alice Springs.

History of Alice Springs Alice Springs was home to Arrernte people for several thousands of years. Over the years, many development changes took place in Alice Springs. Before World War II, Alice Springs was an isolated place, and there were less than 500 people. However, after World War II, many changes took place in Alice Springs. After World War II, Alice Spring turned into a critical defence location. Alice Springs is now a popular tourist hub and an important service centre for surrounding areas. This is now a developed city with several restaurants, convention centres and hotels.

Things to Do in Alice Springs Alice Springs offers several activities for entertainment and leisure. It includes hiking at the MacDonnell Ranges and a four-wheel-drive at Finke Gorge National Park. One of the region's major attractions in Alice Springs, Desert Park. This park was created with the primary objective of educating people about the desert environment. There are several small museums in the region that are visited by tourists daily. Alice Springs is also one place with high participation in several sporting events like soccer, boxing, rugby, cricket, basketball, and baseball.

Facilities in and Around Alice Springs Alice Springs offers several facilities for residents living in the region. There are several preschools, primary and secondary schools in the region. Alice Springs is an easily accessible city.


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